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Scirocco is a flow-pack servo assisted horizontal wrapping machine for producing wraps hermetically sealed on three sides from a reel of heat-sealed wrapping material. The machine has been designed for Modified Atmosphere Packaging and constructed in such a way that all its parts can be cleaned.




  1. SCIROCCO BA with film roll in a high position
  2. SCIROCCO BB with film roll in a low position
  3. SCIROCCO POCKET BAG for reclosable packs which can be opened and closed thanks to our system that utilises a single reel of thermo sealing film..
  4. SCIROCCO COMBI with double sealing system (pillow and reclosable bags)


  • Long Dwell transferring continuous motion transversal sealing system (PFM patent)
  • Available with 1-2-3-4 crimpers per shaft, according to the product and the required speed
  • The system guarantees perfectly hermetic sealing, for up to 200-250 packs per minute
  • Servo-Assisted operating system by means of Brushless motors in direct electric axis, with touch screen controls and the possibility of on-line connection
  • Cantilevered machine construction with rounded corners, openable on all sides: the mechanical and electrical components are housed separately at the back of the machine, while the front is free from obstruction and thus quick and easy to clean in every point, visible or hidden
  • Reel-holding shaft with pneumatic extension and disc brake system
  • Automatic film mark reel changing system with no reduction in machine speed
  • The sealing units can be removed from the machine in 10 minutes for routine workbench maintenance
  • Construction in AISI 304 stainless steel.

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