Bakery Machinery

Brevetti Gasparin specializes in versatile bakery slicers that offer single or integrated options for cutting and packaging. Their customized machines, including flow-packers and baggers, meet specific production needs.

Slicing Machines
For all bakery product slicing needs.

Vertical Cut with Reciprocating Blades

Reciprocating blade slicers for the slicing of confectionery products and bread loaves

Vertical Cut with Continuous Band Blades

Continuous band blade slicers for high-speed bread loaf slicing

Horizontal Full Cut

Horizontal slicers for single or multiple full cut

Horizontal Partial Cut

Disk slicers for HINGE & WEB partial cut

Packaging Machines
Horizontal packaging machines for product packaging.

Flow-Wrapping Machines

Horizontal flow-wrapping machines with rotating and box motion head

Bagging Machines

Machines for automatic packaging in preformed bags

Bulk-Packer Machines

Large format packaging machines

Clipping Machines
Mechanical clipping machines for package closing.

Clipping Machines

Step-by-step and continuous mechanical clipping machines