PFM Packaging Machinery

The PFM Group produces a complete range of horizontal flowpack machines, vertical form fill and seal, multihead weighers and automatic packaging lines to meet any need of flexible packaging for food and non-food applications.

Our range of machinery for all packaging solutions

Flow wrapping machines
Flow Wrapping

Horizontal packaging machines specifically designed to meet any need of flexible packaging for food and non-food applications.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machinery
Form Fill Seal Machinery

Vertical form fill and seal packaging machines for high speed packaging of various kinds of food and non-food granular products.

Horizontal Stand-up Pouch Machines
Horizontal Stand-up Pouch Machines

A full range of fully Servo controlled horizontal stand-up pouch packaging machines designed by PFM.

Complete Packaging Lines
Complete Packaging Lines

High-speed flow-wrappers for single-portion products, multipacks and on edge products ,  single or double-flavour fillers, ancillary equipment and complete lines.

Multihead Weighers
Multihead Weighers

Ultra precision and weighing speeds, flexibility, reliability, zero maintenance  weighers at cutting edge of mechanical, hardware and software technology.

Bakery Machinery

Brevetti Gasparin specialises in versatile slicers for bakery products, with individual or integrated options for cutting and packaging.

Why Being Flexible
Is The Right Choice

PFM Flexible Packaging is designed to minimize the use of packaging materials by combining films and foils (polymers, paper and aluminium).

  • It helps preserving products’ nutrition, taste and consistency and enables proper and safe delivery to the consumer.
  • Flexible Packaging is part of the solution to prevent food waste thanks to its adjustable portions and formats which help reduce potential leftovers.

PFM Flexible Packaging saves resources and prevents packaging waste.

  • Lightweight and low volume packaging reduces energy used for transport and storage.
  • Flexible Packaging materials are delivered in rolls, saving space and reducing truck traffic.
  • Shape and format can be easily adjusted to exactly fit product volume.

PFM Flexible Packaging protects and preserves valuable goods.

  • It offers a customized barrier and protection thanks to the smart combination of different materials.
  • It optimizes shelf life for a variety of perishable goods, and it can also allow some products to breathe or maintain modified atmospheres for long periods.

PFM is recyclable ready.

  • Flexible Packaging supports circular economy: less material used results in less packaging waste to collect, sort and recycle.
  • The PFM Packaging machines are ready to use recyclable films with corresponding zip compounds (HFFS machines).