PFM Group

The PFM Group was founded in 1964 and has since achieved world-class status in the design and manufacture of machinery for flexible packaging in both food and non-food industries.


1964: Italianapack, which produces horizontal flow packaging machines, is born, followed by the foundation, in 1969, of the company Fioravanti Pietro & c. snc.


PFM Packaging Machinery,based in Torrebelvicino (Vicenza), designs and manufactures models of flow-wrap and vertical form-fill-seal machines and various automatic feed systems.


ISO 9001:2015 system is used for quality management of all processes including the definition of customer requests, design, machine assembly and testing, and full customer service.


The service department is staffed by 10 engineers and 30 specialized technicians. All members of staff are constantly updated and trained via specialization courses organized by the management.