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On Pile Biscuit Wrapping Machine

On Pile Biscuit Wrapping Machine

Two legs integrated high speed system for biscuits on pile packaging complete with vibratory channels, shuttle feeders for pile forming and fully servo driven horizontal wrappers.



Standard features

  • Modular cantilivered frame.
  • 4 servo driven axis.
  • 4 finwheel unit (cold, two heated, fold-over).
  • Heat and cold sealing equipment.
  • Servo driven unwind feed rollers.
  • Automatic film splicer.
  • Self centring double reel holders.
  • 10” coloured touch screen.
  • Display showing machine status, diagnostics, production data and alarms.
  • Contact product parts in stainless steel.
  • Chain with cantilevered pusher fitting.
  • Driven top brush at discharge belt.
  • Ejector for empty/double/spliced packs.
  • Complete series feeding systems for biscuits.


  • Coding and reading devices.
  • Pneumatic blocking double reel holders.
  • Cooling plate on longitudinal sealing wheels.
  • Vacuum system.
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP.
  • No gap, No seal function.
  • No product, No paper function.
  • Long Dwell crimper unit.
  • Mechanical gusseting device.
  • Driven top belt at discharge belt.
  • Pile forming and grouping systems.

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