PFM Mistral line for Wet Wipes

Perfectly integrated systems for wet wipes composed of a high speed converting machine and a PFM Mistral flowrapper.

PFM realizes with the world technology leaders in high speed converting machinery wet wipes and wet toilet tissue complete and perfectly integrated systems for wet wipes composed of a high speed converting machine and a packaging machine. The wet wipes Profit lines, which are easy to clean and to maintain and produce hermetically sealed gussetted pillow packs. The PFM MISTRAL flowrapper is equipped with the Long Dwell sealing system (PFM Patented) for hermetic seals.

Products: wet wipes for personal hygiene care.
Packaging: flow pack with single double label (re-closing label and
tamper evident).
Production rate: 80 packs per minute.
Advantages: perfect integration between the converting and the packaging units. Format Change is fast and easy, few minutes are requested.
The line is suitable to produce different sized pack of stacked wet wipes.
Aesthetics and output: the line produce up to 80 gusseted packs per minute, which are hermetically sealed thanks to the PFM Mistral Long Dwell sealing unit.

Line composed of:

Automatic feeding system. Stainless steel servo driven cut unit with double reel holder shaft, automatic reel splicer. The cut system works through a magnetic cylinder which is separately driven. Labelling system.
PFM Mistral flowrap machine which produce hermetically sealed gusseted packs thanks to the Long Dwell sealing system (PFM Patented).