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RC 700

RC 700

RC700 is a vertical form fill and seal packaging machine for the production of bags such as pillow-bag, square bottom and Steelo-bag (squared bottom with 4 side seals).


Save space, fast and easy format change, continuous control of the film stretch.

The RC700 is a very compact and innovative machine that allows very quick format changes. It is characterised by some original technical features that include the reel holder shaft positioned at 90° with respect to the traditional rear position; the introduction of the self-centring film tracking positioned on the top that directs the film towards the forming tube and consequently by the drastic reduction in the number of rollers that transfer less inertial energy to the film allowing greater acceleration.

The operating principle and the high productivity.

The operating principle of the machine calls for a motorized reel-holder shaft that moves constantly up to the box-motion sealing unit.
The RC700 is equipped with 1 or 2 reel-holder shafts and a calender sealing unit for Steelo-bags; it reaches a production speed of 180 mechanical cycles per minute for the pillow-bag and up to 100 mechanical cycles per minute for the Steelo-bag. The Steelo-bag sealing unit (four-seal square bottom) is located in the calender, a useful position in case of format changes.



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