Wet Wipes Packaging Line PFM Shamal

Automatic Packaging Line with PFM Shamal Wrapper, to produce up to 100 packs of wet wipes/min.

Products: wet wipes for personal hygiene care.
Packaging: flow pack with re-closing label.
Production rate: 100 packs per minute.
Advantages: one of the most reliable lines in the world.

Line composed of:

Film preparation unit and PFM Shamal horizontal packaging machine with automatic
in-line feeder equipped with calibrating conveyor. The film preparation unit is
arranged parallel to the packaging machine’s longitudinal axis; it can also be installed
at 90° (to the front or rear), and is made up of:

  • Double reel holder shaft complete with automatic reel splicer.
  • Servo driven film die cut unit to produce the pack opening.
  • 2 labelling machines: one of which in stand-by, for the application of the package re-sealing label.
  • Longitudinal fin seal unit composed of: 2 sets of separate tiltable pulling wheels, one set of preheating bars, trimming device with mechanical trim rewind and cold pulling wheels.
  • Siemens or Rockwell (Allen Bradley) elettronic components.