PFM Shamal

Servo controlled horizontal flow wrapper that produces pillow packs with three air tight seals.

Designed to package

Shamal is a Horizontal packaging machine designed in particular for the automatic packaging of these products:


  • Flexibility: the format can be changed in just a few minutes. The Shamal includes the LVA function which is the automatic adjustment of bag length according to the length of the product, as well as a print registration facility. The ERS (Extended Rotary Sealing) concept allows to products to be wrapped with a max. height of 190 mm.
  • Easy cleaning: constructed in AISI 304 with large radius corners, all product contact parts can be sanitised and are made of FDA approved materials.
  • Packaging speeds: Up to 100 cycles per minute with a fixed pitch function or 50 with the LVA function.
  • Ergonomics: The new design of the main guard, shuttle conveyors, crimper assembly and crimper height adjustment have improved the user friendliness of the machine and reduced set-up times.
  • Perfect sealing: The PFM ERS sealing systems achieve temperatures equal to those of traditional rotary systems and give optimum sealing time and pressure. They have a continuous motion rotating action and an automatically actuated knife.

 Technical Features

  • Servo version.
  • 2 m long infeed conveyor covered with a high friction anti slip belt and with a metallic joining strip, quick assembly/removal and cleaning.
  • Longitudinal, sealing system with adjustable height made up of 3 separate sealing wheels, protected and tiltable in order to accommodate various wrapping materials and therefore regulate the packing process. The first module pulls the material, the second seals and the third folds over the fin seal.
  • Long Dwell crossways sealing unit with adjustable height.
  • Automatic centring reel holders with electronically controlled unwind system.
  • Adjustable forming box.
  • Individual temperature controls for end and crimp seals.
  • Independently driven motorised discharge conveyor.
  • Motor driven adjustment of the crimper height.


  • Date / Bar Code printing equipment.
  • Automatic reel Splicer.
  • Pneumatic gusset tucking
  • Air evacuation pad to remove excess air from packs.
  • Retractable discharge conveyor for product rejection.
  • Gas flushing systems and residual oxygen monitoring for modified atmosphere packaging applications.
  • Stainless steel version.

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