PFM Azimuth EVO Inclined Version

Full Servo Vertical Form Fill and seal machine for fragile and delicate products.

Designed to package

Azimuth EVO Inclined Version is a Vertical packaging machine designed in particular for the automatic packaging of these products:


  • The rejects are minimized thanks to automatic functions such as: The “Constant Sealing Time” system ensures perfect seals even if the production speed changes.
    Motorized reel holder system that, paired with the electronic control of the dancing roller assures the constant and optimal pulling of the film.
  • Perfect Bags: The Azimuth EVO exploits the latest ultrasound technology to precisely monitor the exact position of the film on the forming tube. The software constantly checks the data received from the sensor and automatically corrects the position of the film.
  • Operating organization: The Azimuth EVO automatically calculates the reel diameter, the remaining runtime of the machine and the exact time when the machine will automatically stop because the film has finished.

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