PFM Tornado LD

The Tornado LD is a horizontal flowrapping machine that produces up to 100 packs/min with hermetic seals from a flat reel of heat seal wrapping material.

Designed to package

Tornado LD is a Horizontal packaging machine designed in particular for the automatic packaging of these products:


  • Hermetic sealing at high wrapping speeds: thanks to PFM’s patented Long Dwell sealing head with oil bath transmission. The Tornado easily achieves wrapping speeds of 100 packs per minute.
  • Easy cleaning: constructed from anticorodal aluminium and AISI 304 with large radius corners, all product contact parts can be sanitised and are made of FDA approved materials.
  • Cantilevered construction: the mechanical and electronic components are housed at the back of the wrapping machine in a separate, protected environment. The front of the machine is clear and can easily be cleaned. Product debris does not come into contact with any mechanical or electrical parts.

Technical Features

  • 2.5 metre infeed conveyor with adjustable approach rollers.
  • Adjustable forming box to easily accommodate changes in pack dimensions.
  • Double self-centring reel holder complete with brakes (BA version).
  • Photocell for printed and registered wrapping material (Servo and Electronic versions).
  • Crimper dwell timing in oil bath.
  • Motorised height adjustment of crimpers.


  • Date / Bar Code printing equipment.
  • Automatic reel Splicer.
  • Trimming device to remove excess material from the fin seal.
  • Mechanical/pneumatic gusset tucking.
  • Pneumatic pressure pad/rollerto remove excess air from packs.
  • LVA System (on Tornado BB).
  • Retractable discharge conveyor for product ejection.
  • Gas flushing systems and residual oxygen monitoring for modified atmosphere packaging applications.

Available Versions

  • BA version with reel feed from above (Conventional).
  • BB with reel feed from below (Inverted).
  • Polyethylene version.
  • LVA version: automatic pack length adjustment depending on product length.

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