PFM Falcon

The PFM Falcon is a horizontal flow wrapper able to produce bags sealed on three sides from an open roll of hot or cold sealable material.

Designed to package

Falcon is a Horizontal packaging machine designed in particular for the automatic packaging of these products:


  • Easy cleaning: The Falcon has been designed with cantilever principles: all the mechanic and electronic components are placed on the back of the machine in separate and protected areas. The front of the machine is then free from obstruction, allowing easy and quick cleaning operations for all product contact parts.
  • Versatility: The Falcon, being an extremely flexible machine, is able to handle a wide variety of products with absolutely reduced down times for change over to a different format. Falcon is available in 9 different versions to satisfy each and every product and production requirement.
  • High speed sealing: The PFM Long Dwell sealing system, available on the Falcon LD HS version, with equal temperature and pressure allows for a longer sealing time than the traditional rotary system. Hermetic Sealing and high speed wrapping is, therefore, possible.

Technical Features

  • Infeed conveyor with interchangeable pushers.
  • Forming box adjustable in length and height.
  • Three separate sets of tiltable fin wheels for the longitudinal seal.
  • Self-centring Reel Holder complete with brake.
  • Height adjustment for the end seal assembly.


  • Photocell for print registration.
  • Coder to print directly on the wrapping material.
  • Auto splice.
  • Additional reel holder.

Available Versions

  • Long Dwell High Speed version.
  • Extra Wide version.
  • Stainless Steel version (AISI 304).
  • Shrink version with trim removal.
  • Poly version for polyethylene (PE).

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