PFM CAMA Line for Milk Powders

From dosing to pillow­ bag to box with one single partner.

The PFM ­ CAMA project for packing milk powders stems from the collaboration of two companies that specialize in primary and secondary packaging.
The client needed to have a high ­speed line with an output of 80, 500 g pillow ­bags per minute, to be inserted into a box. High speed needed to complement total sealing tightness.
PFM smartly met the client’s requirements by manufacturing a line consisting of a totally servo- driven, continuous motion vertical VFFS model PFM COMET with automatic reel splicer, fed by a PFM­ AF6000 auger filler.

PFM Comet is the expression of the highest level of PFM technology and design applied to vertical wrappers. The machine has been designed for high speed wrapping and round ­the­ clock applications. It produces pillow pack bags from a reel of heat ­sealable packing film. Its body design, “Hermetic Box”, is protected from infiltrations of liquids and powders. Its Long Dwell sealing systems allows reaching high speed with perfectly tight sealing. The PFM ­ AF 6000 auger filler stands out for its high level of precision.
The powdered milk bags that come out from the PFM COMET undergo a weight check by means of a “check weigher” and are then dropped onto two CAMA Trap Box belts that feed the cartoning machine.