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Feeding and Packaging Line for Rusks In Piles

PFM have designed and produced a complete robotic rusks feeding and packaging line for a well-known company producing dietary food products.
The customer required a compact line, able to operate in a confined factory space, which would pick up the product arriving from the oven and convey it as far as the packaging machine to produce packs containing double piles of rusks.
One of the greatest difficulties was identifying a conveyor and handling system that was able to fully respect the integrity of the product: gluten-free rusks are extremely crumbly. The line also had to be highly flexible to handle the required format changes.
PFM offers the customer a line comprising a Pick & Place team of robots complete with an extremely precise arm equipped with suction cup grippers that pick up the rows of rusks , and place them on top of each other to form piles on the feeder belt.
The piles of rusks are then pushed onto the PFM BORA packaging machine feeder belt, which produces the flow-wrap packs in the required formats.
The extremely compact size of the line makes it perfect for areas where operating space is limited. The PFM designed feeder system guarantees 2 basic conditions: respect for the fragility of the product and highly flexible format changeovers.