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Modulo Boe Line: Biscuits on edge

Modulo Boe Line: Biscuits on edge

Modulo Boe Line: Biscuits on edge

Complete high speed system for biscuits on edge primary packaging complete with volumetric slug portioner, continuous motion slug inserting unit and fully servo driven horizontal wrapper.


  • Modular cantilivered frame.
  • 4 servo driven axis.
  • 4 finwheel unit (cold, two heated, fold-over).
  • Heat and cold sealing equipment.
  • Servo driven unwind feed rollers.
  • Automatic film splicer.
  • Self centring double reel holders.
  • 10” coloured touch screen.
  • Display showing machine status, diagnostics, production data and alarms.
  • Contact product parts in stainless steel.
  • Double chain with pusher and counter pusher.
  • Flexible double side chain.
  • Ejector for empty/double/spliced packs.


  • Coding and reading devices.
  • Pneumatic blocking double reel holders.
  • Cooling plate on longitudinal sealing wheels.
  • Chain with side holder.
  • Vacuum system.
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP.
  • No gap, No seal function.
  • No product, No paper function.
  • Long Dwell crimper unit.
  • Mechanical gusseting device.
  • Driven top brush at discharge belt.
  • Driven top belt at discharge belt.

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