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Zenith DuoBag®

Zenith DuoBag®

Zenith DuoBag®

PFM Zenith DuoBag® (PFM patent) is a new VFFS vertical packaging machine which produces packs with a pocket for putting in gadgets or accessories needed to use or consume the product.

Together is Better

Patented by PFM, the machine in this exclusive configuration for the production of DuoBag® packs produces two packs in one, starting from a single reel of packaging material and a single forming tube, which has been specially designed for this application.

ZC1 Integrated Solution

The ZC1 integrated solution optimises the weigher-packaging machine combination by making the most of the Series C1 multihead weigher and the model Zenith vertical packaging machine, which produces pillow packs with three seals and square bases or Steelo Packs (4 side seals). The ZC1 offers high quality standards which translate into high weighing accuracy, aesthetically perfect packs with easy maintenance, programming and operating safety over time.



Ideal for wrapping a product and an accessory: for example fruit and vegetables in chunks, cheese and processed meat and salami cubes wrapped with their own cutlery and wipes; candies, toffees, sweets and confectionery products in general wrapped with gadgets and toys for young consumers; mixed frozen foods, fresh or dried pasta wrapped with a sachet of spices or flavouring that provides the correct amount of seasoning, or to try out new, risk-free recipes, etc…

Structure: compact, designed to house the 10 and 14-head versions of the Series C1 multihead weigher. The particularly rigid structure is designed to eliminate vibration and thereby optimise operation of the multi-head weigher.

Hygiene: the ZC1 has been studied in every detail to facilitate cleaning and sanitisation operations.

Flexibility: the ZC1 enables quick and easy format changeovers. The weigher’s software features enable the machine to learn its own parameters thereby reducing intervention time by the operator who only needs to enter data relating to weight and speed. Extremely short packaging machine forming box and reel replacement times. The particularly advanced software guides the operator through the entering of required data.

Packaging Machine Features

  • Structure “Hermetic Box” type steel frame protected against the infiltration of dust.
  • Control of functions through PLC (latest generation microprocessor).
  • Drawing of wrapping material by self-centring „pulling belts“ with pneumatic opening.
  • Control of packaging length using photocell system with print registration system.
  • Sealing jaws constructed steel with limited size variation.
  • Easily interchangeable forming box.
  • Self-centring reel-holder shaft.

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