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Packaging line for plain and coated Wafers

Packaging line for plain and coated Wafers

Packaging line for plain and coated Wafers

PFM Packaging line for plain and coated Wafers

Automatic wafer packaging line complete with two-way feeder system with piston unit, double cutting system and completely electronic automatic horizontal packaging machine.




  • Modular cantilevered structure.
  • 4 servomotorised axes.
  • Lengthways sealing unit with 4 pairs of rollers (1st cold, 2nd and 3rd heated and 4th for folding wings).
  • Can be used for hot and cold sealing.
  • Servomotor-driven film unwinding.
  • Automatic reel change.
  • Self-centring reel support spindles.
  • 10” colour touch screen.
  • Screen indicating machine status, diagnostics, statistcal data and alarms.
  • Parts coming into contact with product made of stainless steel.
  • Chain transporter with cantilevered push tooth.
  • Motorised brush for outgoing products.
  • System for ejecting empty/double packages or those with reel joints.
  • Complete series of automatic loaders for feeding of product.


  • Systems for applying tear strip for easy opening.
  • Application of date markers and bar-code readers.
  • Pneumatic tightening of reel support spindles.
  • Cooled surfaces on lengthways sealing rollers.
  • Air suction system.
  • No gap, No seal function.
  • No product , No paper function.
  • Long Dwell crossways sealing system.
  • Mechanical air blowing system.
  • Motorized upper belt for outgoing product.

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