Candy & Bubble Gum products

Candy & bubble gum packaging Samples

The advantages of applying the Flow Pack system to the candy, chewing gum, bubble gum and toffee markets are now well known and highly appreciated around the world.
Because PFM packs are airtight, aromas or smells can’t escape and the product won’t dryout.
PFM Flow Pack for candies advantages are:

  • Extended Shelf Life of the product without changing its taste or aroma.
  • Larger printing surface.
  • Easy-to-open pack.
  • Modern technology: three existing patents and enhanced productivity of PFM machines.

PFM dedicates Flow Wrap packaging to the packaging of candies, chewing gum and bubble gum and toffee candies PFM usually designs custom installations for this sector, which permit following of all productive phases, with exceptional results.

The requirements for the sector can be summarised as follows: Packager for candies,bubble gum, chewing gum(cut and flow wrap pack line), toffee and others products of various dimensions.