Bakery products

Bakery packaging Samples

The "Automatic Packaging Lines" were originally created for oven products, such as pastry snacks, biscuits and bread, but they can also be utilised for other types of products.
Bakery and similar products require special processing and above all, special timing.
PFM has designed complete custom built lines according to the different requirements.
The Long Dwell High Speed Sealing System, applicable to various machine models, 90° and in line feed systems, acceleration, alignment, accumulation, product transfer and loading stations are just a few of the ?design projects? that have been dedicated.
Production management systems are completely centralised and automatic, for a simple and rapid utilisation of the line.
Automatic lines are all custom built and adapted to specific product characteristics and production requirements.
Additionally, simple modifications may be made to "reactualise"a line and modify it according to new requirements. In any case, the study of lines is also applicable to different merchandising sectors besides bakery products.

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