Single Dose Bags

PFM Single Dose Bags


The bag is formed from a single reel of film which is cut in the middle and then folded at 45°; the insides of the left and right web halves, correctly guided, will match. The film is then pulled by a set of tracking wheels, vertically sealed and cut.

Afterwards the bottom edge is cross-sealed by a set of rotating jaws. The bag length is set by means of an encoder while the centring of the printed film is controlled through a photo eye. The upper edge of the bag is sealed and cut at the same time. Bags are finally discharged onto the exit conveyor.


Pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries and more.

Product types

  • Liquids: shampoo, bath foam, oil, etc.
  • Creams: cosmetic cream, grease, mayonnaise, gels, etc.
  • Powder and granular products: pharmaceutical products, sugar, powdered milk, ground pepper, salt, detergent products, etc.
  • Small parts: pet food, unwrapped candies, tablets, etc.

PFM single dose packs table