PFM duobag

Packaging, What a Surprise!

A New Lease of Life for your product with the new DuoBag®: the cube of cheese is no longer a gourmet specialty, but becomes a snack to enjoy as you go. The olive a whim not limited to the aperitif. An excellent take-away sauce perfectly complements the dry snack, and there is even a napkin ready for use. Besides being enjoyable, peanuts, dry fruit and popcorn also become entertaining.

PFM pack-style DuoBag schema

DuoBag® enhances and compliments the product

Together is Better

Patented by PFM, the Zenith DuoBag® in its exclusive configuration for the production of DuoBag® packs produces two packs in one, starting from a single reel of packaging material and a single forming tube, which has been specially designed for this application.

An automatic loading system inserts the accessory in a pocket within the pack. The method of loading has to be determined according to the accessory and the specific packaging needs. The accessory never comes into contact with the product since it is placed in a sealed inner pocket.


Ideal for wrapping a product and an accessory: for example fruit and vegetables in chunks, cheese and processed meat and salami cubes wrapped with their own cutlery and wipes; candies, toffees, sweets and confectionery products in general wrapped with gadgets and toys for young consumers; mixed frozen foods, fresh or dried pasta wrapped with a sachet of spices or flavouring that provides the correct amount of seasoning, or to try out new, risk-free recipes, etc… In other words, a pack that broadens the confines of everyday usage and radically changes consumer habits.

PFM pack-style DuoBag

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