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  • Pfmtechlab ist geboren, ein neues Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum, das sich unserem Team anschließt.

    As part of the development strategy of the group, PFM has acquired the majority shares of the Piedmontese company ST2 ENGINEERING, renamed pfmtechlab. The new division, based in Volvera, in the province of Turin, is entirely dedicated to mechanical design and the development of special solutions for handling and packaging food and non-food products. „It is a professional partnership already

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  • Meat Flow Wrapping and Weighing

    PFM has a wide range of dedicated weighing and wrapping lines for the meat packaging sector: fresh meat meat in M.A.P ready-to-cook or pre-cooked products, sliced meats cured meats sausages and salami offal soft and fragile cuts of meat   We can develop custom-designed, innovative solutions for the meat industry in order to: extend the product’s shelf-life; keep the meat

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