Pfm Grows Stronger in Asia

September 2019 officially marks the birth of PFM ASIA PACIFIC CO.LTD with a branch based in Bangkok, which consolidates the presence of PFM Packaging Machinery in Asia as part of its increasing internationalization.

“We created the Thai branch because we believe that this market needs its own dedicated strategic assets: that is why we collaborate with two valuable business partners, Matthias Stamm and Aldo Rossettini, who both have gained a long-standing experience in this very geographical area. PFM ASIA PACIFIC allows us to handle commercial relations more directly and to offer a quicker and more continuous after-sales service to our numerous customers.”, says Paolo Fioravanti, Engineer and Managing Director of PFM. “PFM ASIA PACIFIC is the ninth foreign branch of our Group, in addition to three production companies, one center devoted to the production of mechanical components and one pole where new technologies are designed and developed. We constantly keep focused on two main aims: to consolidate our presence in the global marketplace and to keep designing and improving new technologies, in order to always be competitive on the market of flexible packaging.”