PFM Azimuth EVO

PFM AZIMUTH EVO is a full-servo vertical form fill seal wrapper that produces pillow pack bags and Steelo Bags (block bottom with 4 side sealed corners) starting from a flat reel of heat-sealable packaging material.

Designed to package

Azimuth EVO is a Vertical packaging machine designed in particular for the automatic packaging of these products:


  • Perfect Bags: The wrapping material in un-wound continuously in order to maintain a constant film speed (avoiding film stretching, vibrations and mis-alignment due to the inertia to start and stop the reel of film). 
  • Speed: The film movement becomes intermittent by means of a unique dancing rollers assembly that “reads” the film tension, calculates the film pull length to make the required bag length and electronically “feeds”, at every cycle, the required film amount to the wrapping machine. This unique solution allows to drastically reduce the friction of the film on the film forming collar and allows, among the others, for higher wrapping speed when compared to standard intermittent motion machines. 
  • Perfect Integration: The special frame design allows for an easy in-line integration of a labelling machine. 

Technical Features

  • Main frame in anodized aluminium and grey RAL 9007 painted carbon steel.
  • SIEMENS Electronics.
  • Brushless servomotors to drive the film reel holder, film pulling belts and the transverse sealing crimpers.
  • Festo pneumatics.
  • Adjustable machine height using plastic articulated feet with stainless steel screws and polyamide bases.
  • Cantilevered, expansion locking type, wrapping material reel holder. Maximum reel width 700mm. Core 76mm, maximum O.D. of reel 350mm. max.reel weight 50kgs.
  • Servo-driven reel holder with continuous film un-wind with integrated dancing roller feedback to ensure minimum film stretch and constant tension during operation.
  • Electronically controlled dancing rollers assembly to transform the film motion from continuous to intermittent.
  • Manual splice table to facilitate the film reel change operator’s friendly.
  • Registration unit (photocell) for printed and registered wrapping material in addition to the film encoder.
  • Nr. 1 x pillow-pack bag forming set.
  • Wrapping material pulling belts, servo driven, self-centring and with adjustable pressure. Vacuum type version available as an option.
  • Vertical sealing unit with heat sealing bar, complete with heater and thermocouple, pneumatically operated
  • Horizontal sealing unit, servo driven, with variable programmable opening.
  • Transverse pattern sealing crimpers and pneumatically operated knife.
  • Automatic film centring unit mounted before the film forming tube.
  • Provision for thermal transfer coder (optional),
  • Discharge chute.
  • Safety interlocks on guards around sealing units controlled by a PILZ Safety Controller.
  • HMI with 10. 1″colour touch screen, which provides information to the operator, supervisor and engineer. Information covers machine and feeder status, overall machine and individual function operating conditions, product details, management statistics and diagnostics for engineers. Complete with memory for 50 sizes.
  • Electronic temperature controllers (embedded into the HMI).
  • One electronic temperature controller for vertical sealing unit.
  • Two electronic temperature controllers for horizontal sealing unit.
  • Start, sequence stop, reset and emergency stop switches mounted below the HMI.
  • Take away conveyor for filled bags (Optional)
  • Standard spares and tools kit.

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