PFM Sirio

Able to produce bags sealed on three sides, the Sirio is a full servo controlled machine specifically designed for the dairy sector.

Designed to package

Sirio is a Horizontal packaging machine designed in particular for the automatic packaging of these products:


  • Compact design, easy cleaning: The PFM Sirio is manufactured with modular pre-assembled units and cantilevered construction made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel with rounded corners. The design concept called “independent perimeter support” make cleaning and sanitising operations extremely simple and effective. Can be fitted with automatic feed belt washing system (optional) designed to be connected to a centralised CIP system.
  • No mechanical drives: Drive motors are connected directly to the various assemblies. The electrical panel is housed inside the machine frame and protected from the external environment.
  • Speed: High speed wrapping: up-to 160 cycles/min. and capable of wrapping endless different products.

Technical Features

  • Ultra-hygienic infeed conveyor with removable belt and interchangeable pushers.
  • Internal expanding reel-holder shaft featuring fine adjustment of reel centring and equaliser brake.
  • Drop-forged steel sealing unit with rotary crimpers
  • Cantilevered exit conveyor with quick-release belt.
  • Full servo machine with axis motion controller and 3 brushless Servomotors to drive: infeed conveyor, fin seal rollers, sealing crimpers.
  • H.M.I. high-resolution touch screen and simple software.


  • Printer
  • Special tank to wet the film for cheese wrapping
  • Teleservice kit

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