PFM Mistral BB

Designed for high-speed MAP packaging, Mistral combines packaging speed with hermetic sealing.

Designed to package

Mistral BB is a Horizontal packaging machine designed in particular for the automatic packaging of these products:


  • Air tightness: Guaranteed hermetic sealings with high production speed.
  • Construction: Cantilevered construction: the mechanical and electronic components are housed at the back of the wrapping machine in a separate, protected enclosures. The front of the machine is clear and can easily be cleaned. Product debris does not come into contact with any mechanical or electrical parts.

Technical Features

  • 2 mt. Infeed Conveyor with interchangeable pushers.
  • Adjustable Forming Box to allow pack height and width to be easily adjusted to suit varying product sizes.
  • Film fower feed roll.
  • Photocell for print registered packaging material.
  • Three sets of fin seal rollers with auto opening of the sealing set.
  • Motorized height adjustment of Long Dwell crimper unit and longitudinal fin seal unit.


  • Date / Bar Code printer.
  • Automatic Reel Splicer.
  • Trimming device to remove excess material from the longitudinal fin seal.
  • Mechanical gusset tucking.
  • Pneumatic presser to remove excess air from packs.
  • LVA System.
  • Retractable discharge conveyor to reject faulty packs.
  • Gas flushing systems and residual oxygen monitoring system for modified atmosphere packaging.
  • Various types of feeding systems.

Available Versions

  • With reel feed from above (Conventional).
  • With reel feed from below (BB Inverted).
  • Long Dwell HS version
  • Polyethylene version.
  • BDF version (for use with shrink wrapping materials where high barrier properties are required).

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