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Mistral BB

Mistral BB

MISTRAL changes the world of Modified Atmosphere, combining packaging speed with hermetic sealing.
A flow-wrap packaging machine which produces packs sealed on three sides from a roll of heat-sealable packaging film, the Mistral is designed for high-speed MAP packaging.



  • Exclusive patented Long Dwell transverse sealing system, available in the following versions: 1-2-3-4 crimpers per shaft (High Speed).
  • Cantilever construction: the mechanical and electronic components are housed at the back of the machine, with only the sealing units at the front. Thus, cleaning, hygiene and maintenance operations are facilitated.
  • Built in AISI 304 stainless steel, with the casing built with rounded corners in accordance with the strictest international hygienic standards.

Available versions:

  • Basic mechanical version
  • Electronic version (2 axes)
  • Servo version (3 axes), colour touch screen, on-line help system.
  • High Speed Long Dwell version with 2-3-4 crimpers per shaft
  • Version with film roll mounted in a high or low position
  • Version for BDF packaging material.


  • Suitable packaging materials: laminated, bonded or micro-perforated polypropylene, polyethylene, gas barrier materials.
  • Packaging speed: up to 140, and up to 400 packs/min .
  • Packageable product size: length min 100 mm max 350 mm; width min 10 max 320 mm; height max 110 mm (depending on the sealing system used).
  • Automatic loading systems: in line, 90º and drop down loading, along with many other systems designed according to specific requirements.

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