PFM Hurricane

Entry level model with a simple construction, it’s an extremely flexible wrapper and is able to handle a wide variety of products.

Designed to package

Hurricane is a Horizontal packaging machine designed in particular for the automatic packaging of these products:


  • Perfect Packages: The special design of the forming box, optimum calender and rollers to aid film transfer combine to produce a machine that wraps products perfectly, producing neat, crease free packs.
  • Flexibility: The PFM Hurricane Servo can wrap a wide range of regularly shaped, solid products from the food, stationery, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. It is not necessary to change any mechanical parts in order to adjust the set-up, this is done by using two hand-wheels which carry out immediate adjustments to the pack length and the speed of the sealing crimpers.
  • Materials: The PFM Hurricane Servo can be configured to utilize a wide range of heat-sealable materials including laminated or bonded polypropylene, polyethylene (Poly version), micro-perforated and also shrink-wrap materials.

Technical Features

  • Carbon steel frame, standard colour white RAL 9010.
  • 3 sets of fin seal wheels for longitudinal sealing: the first pulls the wrapping material, the second seals the material and the third folds the flap.
  • Forming box with adjustable height and width for different size products.
  • Self centering reel holder with brake.
  • 2 m long infeed conveyor with quick release and interchangeable pushers.
  • 1000 mm long motorized discharge conveyor.
  • All product contact parts are built in AISI 304 stainless steel.


  • Date coder.
  • Photocell for print registration.
  • Double reel holder.
  • Power feed roll.
  • Gusset tucking.
  • Additional meters on infeed conveyor.
  • Pre-heating bars.
  • Two up sealing crimpers to be used with small products and high speed.
  • Teleservice kit.

Available Versions

  • Extra wide version for 700 mm reel width.
  • Left hand version (products flow from right to left).
  • Stainless steel version. 
  • Poly version.
  • Shrink version.

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