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The Compact is the revolutionary horizontal packing machine for producing triple-seal, square bottom and gusseted flow-packs. It is designed to meet the most demanding multipack packaging requirements: in fact COMPACT is a real innovation as it can produce Multipacks with other packs inside, flow-packs or packs of other types inserted in an orderly fashion and classified according to a precise layout.




  • Order and aesthetics: the optimal ratio between the volume of the pack and the volume of the contents make the multipack aesthetically classified, clean, easy to recognise and well-appreciated by the end consumer.
  • Saving up to 30-40% on filmcompared to traditional systems: the optimisation of the pack dimensions means important savings in packaging material with respect to traditional loose multipack packaging.
  • Innovation: packs produced with flexible, stand up, classified, printable, ecological, economic and marketing-oriented film.


  • Main electronic operations driven by motors brushless with electrical axes controlled by a PLC and an alphanumeric programming keyboard or colour touch screen (optional)
  • 2 metre loading belt divided into easy to clean sections (standard version)
  • AISI 304 structure with aluminium plates, treated chemically against corrosion
  • Product group transfer system and pneumatic pusher
  • Pack forming system with former tube and “quick-release” system
  • Self-centering film pulling belts driven by a brushless motor
  • Traverse sealing system with hot-bar crimpers driven by a brushless motor.

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