PFM Blizzard Hard Candy

The Blizzard Hard Candy is an horizontal flow pack wrapping machine to produce 3-seal packs starting from a reel of heat or cold-seal film.

Designed to package

Blizzard Hard Candy is a Horizontal packaging machine designed in particular for the automatic packaging of these products:


  • Easy cleaning: The Blizzard has been designed with cantilevered principles: all the mechanical and electronic components are placed on the back of the machine in separate and protected areas. The front of the machine is then free from obstruction, allowing easy and quick cleaning operations for all product contact parts.
  • Speed: Up to 2000 cycles per minute. Automatic film reel splicer: without reducing the speed of the machine.
  • Full Servo: The Blizzard is driven by 4 independent brushless servomotors to control: infeed conveyor, fin seal rollers, crimpers and film power feed roll.

Technical Features

  • Double reel holder shaft with automatic highspeed film splicing.
  • Three separate sets of tiltable fin seal rollers for longitudinal seal.
  • PFM Teleservice remote control system.


  • Heated rotary disk feeder with reverseturning dispensing cone, complete with 3 vibratory feeding hoppers: independent drive brushless motor. Possibility to change the timing/synchronisation with the wrapping machine according to the product dimensions, the wrapping speed and the acceleration or deceleration ramps.
  • Additional feeding disk for product changeover.
  • Feeding hopper with sieve to reject broken candies.
  • Automatic film tracking system.

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