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Blizzard Cut and Flow Wrap

Blizzard Cut and Flow Wrap

Blizzard Cut and Flow Wrap

Blizzard is the High Speed Pillow Pack packaging machine to make closed packs with three seals starting from a flat reel of hot or cold seal wrapping material.


Automatic in-line cutter (patented by PFM): two facing knives that follow an elliptical movement at the same speed as the rope. The product is cut clean without residuals/trimmings and imperfections. Constant weight precision of the product.

Designed for high speed bubble gum or toffee packaging.

  • Machine driven by brushless servo-motors with axis motion controller and PLC.
  • Colours touch screen as MMI with possibility of connecting to on-line Tele-service.
  • Cantilevered structure: mechanical and electronic components are housed at the back of the machine and the sealing units are located at the front.
  • All cleaning and maintenance operations are quick and easy.
  • Automatic high-speed film splicing system (PFM patent) up to 110 metres of sealed film per minute, with no machine speed decrease. Just one product rejected.
  • PFM Tele-service System: the machine control unit can be interfaced via model or ethernet with PFM Service Department, which caries out the diagnostic of the machine status.

Automatic double labelling machine: a sticker can be introduced in the pack at the speed of 1500 per minute. Adhesive stickers for card collecting.

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