PFM BG 2800-4800

Designed for High Speed packaging, in MAP as well, with completely air tight seals, compact, smooth, free from product wrinkles and of the highest quality for when the package appearance is of the highest importance.

Designed to package

BG 2800-4800 is a Horizontal packaging machine designed in particular for the automatic packaging of these products:


  • Cleaning: In just a few minutes the machine can be completely cleaned, even in the most difficult areas, all of which are within reach, easily accessible and extractable. All parts that come in to contact with the produce are made of AISI 304 steel.
  • Multijaw crossways prolonged sealing unit: High pressure and a prolonged sealing time are the distinguishing factors of the exclusive BG Pack rotating multijaw system. The material remains tight, stretched between the jaws thus making it impossible for wrinkles and defects to form. Each jaws has separate temperature controls monitored via the machine touch screen. If the temperature of any the jaws fluctuates out of the selected range the machine stops automatically with the defective jaw in a quick removal position.
  • User Friendly: PC with a colour screen touch panel and software development based on Windows in order to give the utmost simplicity in each programming stage.
  • Quick fitting/removal jaw system: The format can be changed in just a few minutes. The jaw is automatically released from its base and can be handled with the appropriate tool supplied with the machine. Its repositioning is equally easy and automatic. Extremely versatile and with high operative productivity along with the guarantee of completely air tight seals: characteristics that are essential for MAP packaging.
  • Control and High Performance: Up to 160 packages a minute thanks to the rotating multijaw crossways sealing system with a prolonged sealing time (up to 22 jaws) and with ejecting knife, and thanks to the longitudinal linear shoe sealing which provides smooth and resistant seals. State of the art electronics for the accurate control of centred wrapping material printing with regards to the product.

Advantages of Open & Reclose Packaging

  • MAP: allows Modified Atmosphere Packaging with the utmost safety.
  • Easy: the package opens easily and without the need to use cutting utensils.
  • Functional: The film resistance characteristics and the resealability allow the package to be used for produce consumed in more than one stage.
  • Preservation: The resealable tab allows the isolation and protection of the product helping to extend its preservation period from the moment it is opened.
  • Information: A greater printable area for supplying information to the consumer and for the market promotion of the product.

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