MBP 14C2 DMA and PFM Solaris grated cheese weighing and packaging line

PFM and MBP have developed a complete packaging and weighing line for grated cheese, which achieves the highest levels of speed and precision brilliantly overcoming the technical issues arising from the processing of this particular product.

Technical challenges: grated cheese falling along the chutes tends to stretch out into a line that is difficult to manage. Moreover, the product leaves a layer of fatty deposits on the weigher’s vibrating channels, chutes and buckets that affects the ability of the product to flow during production. If a single-discharge weigher and rephaser bucket are employed, production speed is restricted by the time required for the product to settle and be discharged from the rephaser bucket to the VFFS machine.

PFM solution: the line produces packages (formats: 50g up to 1000g.) of finely grated cheese in modified atmosphere environments at high speeds with flexible format changeovers, reaching production rate of 100 pckgs/min for 100g format.