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Record results obtained by PFM GROUP in the 2014 financial year.

The Industrial Group closed the year with a consolidated turnover of 86 million Euro, an 8% increase on the previous year, and also net improvements in occupation, which for the company meant adding 20 new employees to its workforce.

The positive scenario is completed by significant investments in Technical Research and Development, the heartbeat of the company. Carried out in a new area of more than 2000 square metres, it has led to the design and production of cutting-edge applications for the PFM horizontal flow-wrapping machines, the PFM vertical form fill seal wrappers with MBP multi-head weighers and the SPS automatic conveying and packaging lines.

“It’s an important result,” confirms Paolo Fioravanti, the Group’s General Director, “obtained thanks to everyone’s work. 2014 closed at full speed with positive effects on the first two months of 2015, showing higher growth indexes than those of the same period last year”. “We will, even this year,” continues Andrea Fioravanti, Sales and R&D Director “invest in the product and in cutting-edge technology, a choice that has proved us right and which will guarantee the future growth of the PFM Group”.