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Series C2 Twin with inclined chutes

MBP has developed the new Twin Series of Mulhead Weighers for weighing grated cheese, powders and fragile products.

The New MBP Solution Is designed with the weigher rotated through 45° in relation to the front of the machine.This makes it possible to insert 2 symmetrical chutes which convey the product from the buckets to the exit point whilst maintaining consistent angles of descent.
The series C2 Twin weigher with new consistently inclined chutes avoids the following problems:
1. The product hits the inside of the cone as it falls, thereby slowing down the speed of descent. This results in product accumulating and as a consequence the phasing buckets may ‘lose time’.
2. The product may settle, or bridge, where there is a change in direction resulting in unreliable weights and difficulty when cleaning.
3. Fragile products may break.
Advantages: increasing precision, speed, easy cleaning and flexibility