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PFM 2012: Research & Development for Growth

PFM 2012: Research & Development for Growth

Andrea Fioravanti, PFM Group Sales and R&D Director, tells us about the strategies for growth adopted by the group:

“PFM Group ends 2011 with success responding to these times of international crisis by launching 4 great new products:

  1. The Solaris Smart3D vertical packaging machine has raised productivity limits for 4-seal and Doy-Style packages above 100 pckgs./min.  New patented sealing unit. New Software with amazing, never-tried-before features.
  2. The new MP 240-340 vertical multi-track machine has been constructed according to a new concept. New software.
  3. Series C1-C2 DMA: for the multi-head weigher industry the DMA version introduces massive innovation into the system of combinatorial calculation and weigher adaptability. The range of applications has been widened”.

The catch phrase is “do more and better than before”.