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SPS-CAMA Collaboration

SPS-CAMA: Successful collaboration between manufacturers of high tech systems in the biscuit and chocolate industry

“For some time now, the major food producers supplying the large retail multiples have been feeling an ever greater need for turn key systems which also provide complete packaging. We therefore believe that the most successful formula is a strong partnership between superspecialists in handling, packaging the primary product and then packaging it in cardboard, in order to ensure the end customer greater added value in terms of reliability and technology.

On the contrary, we do not see a great future in the present compromise offered by a number of companies on the market, who are generally highly specialised in supplying one of the goods either upstream or downstream from the production line but are unable to maintain the same level of technology and high quality over the entire system with which the end customer is provided state Daniele Bellante, President of the Cama Group and Paolo Fioravanti, CEO of the PFM Group.

Starting from this assumption, obviously supported by an in-depth analysis and knowledge of the business, two successful companies of the likes of Cama Group and SPS Italian Pack Systems (PFM Group) decided to create a CAMA-SPS pool of superspecialists in primary and secondary packaging plants able to supply complete high tech systems.

The company SPS has been manufacturing automatic lines (horizontal packaging machines, fillers, product feeding and automatic loading systems) since 1964. It was taken over by the solid PFM Group in 2003 and is a clear example of a business which is continuing to grow thanks to the added value it provides its clients with through the level of technology of its systems. Cama too, with its vast range of packaging machines and automated systems boasts the same rate of growth and consolidation over the last three years within the secondary packaging system manufacturing market (from a turnover of 16.5 million Euro in 2003, around 23 million in 2005 and an estimate for 2006 of 25 million).

The CAMA-SPS project, set up in the second half of 2005, is based on the one hand on integration and joint technical development, and on the other, on marketing their products synergistically, which in the initial stage saw the two companies heavily focussed on training their respective sales forces and marketing departments on each other’s products. Parallel to this, their Research and Development departments started to work jointly on innovative solutions with a view to developing a truly integrated system, from the feeding of a product right through to it being placed in a cardboard box.

And it the results soon started to come through, with large orders already on the books for complete systems in the chocolate and bakery industries!

The aim of this ambitious objective pursued by a young, enterprising management team, is for both companies to establish themselves on the international market as two of the most important manufacturers and suppliers of high tech systems, starting from the product coming out of the processing machine right through to the end of the line with reliable, high-performance solutions guaranteed.

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