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R 700

The R700 is a vertical form fill and seal packaging machine for the production of bags sealed on three sides, such as pillow-bags, as well as block bottom bags and/or block bottom bags with 4 corner seals.


Save space, fast and easy format change, continuous control of the film stretch.

The R700 is a very compact and innovative machine that allows very quick format changes. It features unique technical solutions which include the film reel holder shaft positioned on the side of the machine body instead of the traditional rear position; the introduction of the self-centring film tracking unit positioned on the top of the frame that guides the film towards the forming tube and the drastic reduction in the number of idle film rollers that transfer less inertial energy to the film allowing for greater acceleration.

The operating principle: from continuous to intermittent motion.

The operating principle of the machine is based on a motor driven reel-holder shaft that rotates constantly and the film pulling and sealing unit that moves intermittently. An electronic compensating dancing roller transforms the constant movement of the film arriving from the reel shaft into an alternating movement towards the sealing units. Thanks to this principle, the use of the mechanical reel brake is not required anymore and the overall machine dynamics is very smooth thanks to the film stretch management that can be programmed by the software. The first 6 film idle rollers rotate constantly and only 2 rollers move intermittently. As a direct consequence, the inertial energy is not transferred to the film and it is possible to increase the acceleration of the film and / or the sealing time, which greatly benefits productivity and the aesthetics of the pack


The R700 machine guarantees exceptional performance.  The reduced number of rollers, the unique operating principle, the simple and effective mechanics of film pulling and sealing, together with powerful software, allows the R700 to run at a mechanical speed of up to 150 cycles per minute.

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