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Line for the packaging of soft chocolate coated doughnuts.

Line for the packaging of soft chocolate coated doughnuts.

SPS Complete Line for the Distribution and Packaging of Baked Products

SPS Italiana Pack Systems (PFM Group) has manufactured a complete system with two feeding and wrapping lines for soft chocolate coated, baked products.
The customer is the second largest food producer in Turkey, an owner of renowned brands in the sweet and confectionery market and is considered to be one of the top 100 companies in the world in this sector.

The Requirement was to wrap two different products, arriving in rows from the processing line and cooled down to 18° C: chocolate coated sweet snacks and soft doughnuts.


SPS fully satisfied the customer’s requirements by designing a system consisting of a twin leg packaging solution comprising of distribution stations with buffer re-feed on the second leg and two SPS REGOLA wrapping machines.
This solution successfully reaches very high productivity rates even with delicate products, eliminating missed production or speed drops, thanks to the special system that recoups any stand-by rows.