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PFM Packaging Machinery – Back to the Future –

PFM Packaging Machinery – Back to the Future –


January 2016. PFM Packaging Machinery, the industrial group that manufactures flexible packaging machines and technology, presents its new logo.

Created by Heinz Weibl, an internationally renowned designer, the logo not only represents the company graphically, but also tells its story. Starting from the origins, it recalls the historical design of the first logo created by the founder of the company, Pietro Fioravanti, and leads up to today, expressing the main values of the company and projecting it into the future.

Stability, power, balance, essentialism, and clearness are all communicated by Helvetica, a clean, simple font without frills or virtuosity, conveying a timeless clarity that is further enhanced by Weibl’s colour choice of midnight blue.

“After our first 50 years, and along with the process of continual transformation,” said Andrea Fioravanti, “we strongly felt the need to confirm our deep identity to international markets. Only a decisive action, such as the radical change of corporate branding, can express what we feel ourselves to be, and above all can give an idea of how we want to approach the future. I believe this update fully reflects what PFM does for its clients: it offers reliability that comes from half a century of work in the packaging sector; it maintains transparency in all relations; it simplifies complexity by designing truly technological solutions. This is not all, however. Our industrial group looks towards the future without distractions, intent on anticipating the request for flexible packaging. It is a concept that Heinz Weibl majestically represents with the F of our acronym that stands erect, like a lighthouse showing the way.”