PFM Solutions for Bakery

PFM's goal over the last few years has been oriented towards the development and production of increasingly intelligent lines, which perform all of the various phases in the packaging process.
The design concept that brought about the realisation of a series of installations is the total and complete identification of the line, with the specific requirements of the client, without forgetting state of the art technology and a high level of productive competitiveness features that have made PFM famous.

The automatic packaging lines were originally created for oven products, such as pastry snacks, biscuits and bread, but they can also be utilised for other types of products.
Bakery and similar products require special processing and above all, special timing.
The success of the final phase, packaging, depends on the speed with which the products reach the packaging line.
It is necessary to follow the different phases of production, therefore, to collect the product immediately upon exit from the oven or cooling tunnel. For this reason, PFM has designed complete custom built lines according to the different requirements. In any case, the study of lines is also applicable to different merchandising sectors besides bakery products.


The requirements:

  • Hygiene
  • Product conservation
  • The possibility to produce multi-pack packages
  • The possibility to package products immediately upon exit from the oven
  • The possibility to adjust the speed of packaging according to production increases or reductions
  • To facilitate product transportation
  • Marketing.